German Ruling Class Chooses Military Profits Over Peace and Prosperity

Five days ago the German Parliament voted to triple military spending in the current year making it the strongest military power in Europe. The purported reason for this was a threat from Russia. As most of us know, all Russia wants to do with Germany is to sell them natural gas. The real reason is to expand Germany’s  power as an imperialist nation and this has been going on long before the Ukrainian crisis.
The reality is the German rulers are afraid to take a stand against Yankeedom, which has little to offer them, while Russia, if pushed too far, can turn off their gas. The poverty of “left parliamentarian” is shown in the hostile attitude of the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party towards Russia. Here we have the poverty of social democracy when it comes to war, a poverty that has lasted since World War I.
Read in the WSWS

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