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The Big Picture

These cornerstone pages explain our understanding, critique of, and alternatives to the existing capitalist order:

  1. Collapse of Capitalism
  2. Alternatives to Capitalism
  3. History of Workers’ Councils
  4. Complicity in Working Class Life
  5. Neopagan Prospects for Marxism

Our Perspectives & Analyses, as well as our Capitalism News Interpreted articles (see below), are connected to each of these five cornerstone topics.

Perspectives & Analysis

These are longer articles we publish every two or three weeks about our analysis of what is happening in both the capitalist and socialist worlds. They are published on four left-liberal, socialist or communist sites including Dissident Voice, LA Progressive, The Greanville Post and OpEDNews.

You can find our past Perspectives and Analyses in the archive.

Capitalist News Interpreted

These are links to articles we post every day about capitalist news, both national and international. Most of these articles are international. We include a brief introduction to the article and our reactions to them.

You can find our past interpretations in the archive.

About Us

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Other organizations doing good work and fighting the good fight. Both radical news sites that we respect along with organizations with which we feel an especial kinship.

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Books we recommend reading and films we recommend watching.


A monthly record of all the most important events in working class history.

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