Break Their Haughty Power – This is the website of one of our longest-term comrades, Loren Goldner. It is filled with articles that are international in scope and extremely insightful in the areas of left communism workers’ councils, fictitious capital, and the economy of China. The articles are long but well worth the effort.

Labor Notes – This is one of the only organizations in the United States which attempts to track labor movement battles all over the country. It is a network of radical union members who make a distinction between rank-and file union members and the union leadership that is much more conservative and is tied to the Democratic Party. Among other issues, it advocates for more democracy within unions. It hosts yearly workshops in training union organizers.

Libertarian Communism – ( All socialism is not state socialism. Besides social democrats, there is a radical left communism which advocates workers taking over their workplaces and self-managing them. This website narrates the history going all the way back to the Paris Commune of 1871. This site also has contemporary news articles, blogs and forums.

Against the Current – also called Solidarity – is a socialist journal to promote dialogue among activists, organizers and scholars of the left. They promote a vision of socialism from below, of a revolutionary working class, anti-bureaucratic socialist movement. Against the Current is sponsored by Solidarity, a socialist organization founded in 1986. It comes out every two months. We found this journal to be very straightforward, down-to-earth, and non-sectarian without being eclectic.

Z-Net – One of the most extensive websites on left-libertarian alternatives to capitalism around, featuring the work of Michael Albert (Life After Capitalism), political economist Robin Hahnel and political scientist Stephen Shalom. The site has debates, forums and their store contains plenty of educational videos.

Democracy at Work – This is the organization and website that combines a Marxian analysis of the crisis in capitalism together with what can be done about it. The site includes the history of workplace democracy along with in-depth responses to frequently asked questions. It also includes news about workers’ self-directed enterprises around the country, as well as radio-broadcasts and public lectures by economist Richard Wolff. We have reservations about workers cooperatives when it is not explicitly connected to class struggle, the working class or part of an overall socialist program.

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives – News, articles and listings of worker cooperatives all across the United States. Co-ordinates national conferences.

Grassroots Economic Organizing – Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO) is a decentralized collective of educators, researchers and grassroots activists working to promote an economy based on democratic participation, worker and community ownership, social and economic justice, and ecological sustainability – a “solidarity economy” – through grassroots journalism, organizing support, cross-sector networking and movement-building and the publication of educational and organizational resources.

The Toolbox for Education   – Remember the board game, “Monopoly”? You know, the game that socialized kids and adolescents to become good little capitalists and have fun driving everyone else to ruin. Well if you think there is life beyond capitalism as we do, TESA has invented a game to help us get there just a little faster. “Co-opoly” is a very well-thought-out game which not only teaches the principles of starting a cooperative but presents the real-life problems of sustaining and expanding one. The game is challenging, funny and about 90 minutes to play with from three to six people.

Post Carbon Institute – As far as climate change and resource depletion, this organization is one of the most levelheaded and practical around. (PCI) is a think tank that provides information and analysis on climate deterioration, population pressure, peak oil, the pros and cons of alternative energy sources and long-term alternative futures. Richard Heinberg is one of its movers and shakers.

Transnational Institute for Social Ecology – Seeks to promote the radical democratization of city-life as well as the promotion of a social ecological understanding of the biosphere. It is founded on the ideas of Murray Bookchin, Jane Jacobs, Henry Lefebvre and David Harvey. The purpose is to provide a European center for social ecology which meets on a regular basis in order to promote education, research, translation, publication and application of social ecology principles. They are independent of all political parties. The institute was founded in 2012 and is actively involved in the crisis of the European political economy, especially in Greece.

New Compass  – Was established in 2011 by a Norwegian collective of activists which bases itself on direct and participatory democracy, social ecology and municipal libertarian assemblies. Its mission is to provide articles and books to build and sustain networks of activists in their quest for social change from the bottom up.

Project Censored – Every year Project Censored puts together a book and commentary on its top 25 censored stories of that year. It involves collaboration between teachers and students on the news stories themselves. It is a lively, radical criticism of corporate media and advocates media democracy.

CounterPunch – This radical newsletter not only thinks outside the box in its international political analysis, but it is not afraid to criticize the moderate left-liberals and social-democratic tendencies everywhere. Its irreverence includes criticism of left patron saints.

Dissident Voice – Dissident voice offers daily radical commentary, essays and poetry, not only on politics, economics and culture, but also on the media that reports them. You will not have to worry about finding apologists for the Democratic Party here. While it has a store of well-known, excellent writers, they are also open to the work of new writers. They were the first online journal to publish our Perspectives.

Redneck Revolt –  Redneck Revolt is perhaps the fastest growing movement of the left with about 37,000 followers on Facebook as of mid-October, 2017. Its focus is on the revolutionary potential of the white working class, in spite of its racist history. They are working class, socialist and believe in armed self defense. They are also among the forefront of the anti-racist movement. As they say…“The greatest threat to those that pull the political and economic strings in this society is a unified resistance movement among poor and working class people.” They now have eleven chapters throughout the country.

Strategic Culture  – This is an excellent geo-political website with writers from around the world. Highly critical of U. S. foreign policy. Articles have a diversity of scope with writers who act as if the United States is not the center of the world.

New Eastern Outlook – This geo-political website has articles from writers who only write for this site, including William Engdahl. Takes a proud stand against Russia and China bashing which is so common among other international websites. They are highly critical of U.S. foreign policy.

Global Research – This website has grown in breadth and depth since its early years as a flagship for the 9/11 Truth movement. It has a broad menu of topics from geopolitics to political economy.

World Socialist Website – This Trotskyist website is at its best with it’s Marxian interpretation of the gyrations of the stock-market. It is among the best at mercilessly exposing the weaknesses of social democrats as well as making no concessions to the upper-middle class roots of identity politics. It’s weakness is in its boiler play socialist solutions which have changed little over the decades.

CounterCurrents – Radical Geo-political website which focuses on China and India. Has a good section on “patriarchy” They are open to new writers.

The Greanville Post – Wonderful anti-imperialist website with consistently good analysis of what is going on in China and Russia. Also has a wide range of topics, including the arts. We discovered them in 2017. The are also open to new writers.

Black Rose Anarchist Federation –  This organization is one of the best in the social anarchist tradition. Their analyses are insightful and have heart. Black Rose has their feet on the ground with practical struggles without being lured by electoral politics. They have branches in twelve cities.