One Year Reckoning of the Capitalist Response To The Pandemic: Global Incompetence

To begin with, capitalist displayed their overall contempt of science by ignoring the warnings of scientists between January and March of 2020. Secondly, the lock down strategy was not even initiated by them, but by the workers who organized collectively to protect themselves against infection. Thirdly, the international capitalist class provided no coordinated international strategy to deal with the virus once it had arisen. Instead, each nation was left to fend for themselves, developing incoherent, short-term strategies.
Thanks to capitalist incompetence, roughly 255 million jobs have been lost around the world, which is four times the job loss of the 2008-2009 crash. To date, on average only 4% of the world has been vaccinated. But none of these demoralizing facts have affected the stock market or the profit margins of billionaires. Since the beginning of the pandemic, billions have increased their profits by 1.4 trillion dollars.
Read in WSWS

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