No Thank You to Your “Resistance”: Identity Politics Women Parade as Feminists

“Joining the resistance” against Trump has brought many apolitical women into the public realm. Without blinking an eye we find that Democratic women in Congress have suddenly “discovered” feminism, at the same time as the Pink Pussycat Hats are appearing in demonstrations. Even Hillary “ruling class” Clinton is now taking advantage of the resistance. But for many women these contradictions pose no problems.

“While they may think themselves politically avant guarde, many of these women come off as rather apolitical and seem to have purchased ‘feminism’ as a media constructed/promoted lifestyle; hence the term consumer feminists. And when these liberal, consumer feminists do attempt to tackle politics or political issues, it is often done through reactionary identity politics, which substitutes the personal—personal identity, personal feelings, etc—for the political in a manner that negates broader politico-economic understanding and analysis. For instance, women that support candidates like Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman—despite her many political and geopolitical crimes and blunders…Newsflash ladies: these are lifestyle choices, not political acts or movements.” Ghada Chehade 

This article rightfully draws a line in the sand.

Read at Global Research

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