Liberal Anti-Communism in Yankeedom: The Case of Chris Hedges

We didn’t like Chris Hedges the first time we saw him. We went to hear Kshama Sawant speak in Oakland and he was the speaker before her. Kshama came all by herself, walked quietly down the aisle and found her seat. About 10 minutes before the talk started Chris Hedges waltzed in with his entourage amidst much pomp and ceremony befitting someone who had gone to Harvard and wrote for the Christian Science Monitor and the New York Times. This self-proclaimed radical flashed his new credentials by quoting Rosa Luxemburg, clearly to convince the audience that he was not going to play second fiddle to Sawant. So began his rise to becoming a radical liberal celebrity but anti-communist at the same time. Please read the editor’s introduction as well as the article by Rainer Shea.


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