Is a Left-Right Coalition Possible or Desirable? A Trotskyist Perspective

This is an in-depth article about the prospects of a left-right coalition to oppose the war, build back the physical economy, and oppose corporate capitalism. Most interesting to us are the similarities between a contemporary left-right coalition and the left-wing tendency among the Nazis in the 1930s.
But in criticizing the Rage Against the Machine group, it fails to include a very important person in this movement, Caleb Maupin, who is a serious communist organizer and his Center for Political Organization. Secondly, it criticizes Jimmy Dore for turning to the right. It does not consider the anemic state of the socialist left and why it might not appeal to Dore, including the Trotskyists. Lastly it rightly criticizes DSA, the Communist Party USA and Socialist Alternative.  But it fails to criticize Trotskyists who are so sectarian they can’t even unite among themselves, let alone with the working class.

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