Evo Returns Home: May Have More Political Power Now Than Before

We watch capitalist political figures in public who are surrounded by an entourage of hangers-on, swarming security agents along with jugglers and soothsayers. But when Evo returned to Bolivia, he simply walked across the border from Argentina, surrounded by the people. As these pictures and video clips show, regardless of the weather, people turned out in droves. It is very clear he intends to lead social movements, and in fact may become more radical since he no longer has to pretend that he is for all of the Bolivian people.

2 Comments on “Evo Returns Home: May Have More Political Power Now Than Before”

  1. Yet he IS for all the people as his policies benefit ALL the people.
    Article like this are just garbage trying to make Capitalism seem better…but its not.

    1. Hi Peter:
      I think you may be missing our point here – we agree with you that his policies benefit all of the people. Not sure what part of the article you see is “garbage”.

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