Cross-Cultural Coops: Creating Paradise in the Midst of COVID Hell

From our past posts on cooperatives we see that coops, rather than withering in on the vine, have risen to the occasion during the pandemic. Rachelle Morrison and Katherine Minthorn describe how the pandemic lockdown served as a catalyst for creating Rez Chicks Fresh Eggs Cooperative. Joshua Preston and Raymond Antone detail how the San Xavier Coop Farm grew out of a successful water rights case by the Tohono O’odham Nation, and how the coop is reviving traditional desert cultivars. Kandis Quam talks about the creation of the ARTZ CO-OP, formed as a response to exploitative pricing by wholesalers, and knock-off “Zuni” art being mass produced in China. The panel discussion is 55 minutes. Well worth it!

Watch at GEO Coop

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