British Voters Commit to Leaving the European Union

This is very big, because its gives fire to other countries in Europe to do something similar. The decision has both positive and negative points:

  • On the one hand this is bad because it will fuel anti-immigration sentiments and make it difficult for immigrants from other countries to keep their jobs.
  • On the other hand it is understandable that native British workers do not want to compete with immigrants because they think it drives down their wages.
  • it is also good because it throws a monkey wrench into transnational capitalists’ attempt to override the politics of the nation states and come and go in states as they please.
  • On the downside, leaving the EU will fuel fascist tendencies in Europe – a tendency which is growing.

Read in Al Jazeera

Supporters of the Remain campaign reacted with shock to the outcome of the referendum [Andrew Kelly/Reuters]

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