Worker Cooperative Educational Action Groups Forming

Listen to a terrific Democracy@Work interview with Richard Wolff, Marxist economist, and Betsy Avila, Digital Organizing Director of Democracy at Work and Project Manager of the Democracy at Work Action Groups. If you’ve listened to Professor Wolff’s radio broadcasts or heard him speak in person, but wanted to know how you can take some kind of action, that question is being answered in these groups. Local action groups in states all over the U.S., Puerto Rico and even Finland are being organized and coordinated by Betsy. Groups in your local area can meet to engage in mutually agreed-upon projects like film screenings, book clubs or supporting existing worker coops. Wolff’s interview with her is about 30 minutes and is in the second half of the radio program. Check their Facebook page and website to find a group near you. Enjoy!

Listen to D@W Economic Update

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