UK Labor Party and Elites Eager to Charge Anti-Semitism to Divert Attention from Classism

Jeremy Corbyn is under attack in the UK Parliament – and not just by the right-wingers. The Labour Party (of which Corbyn is their most far-left member) is accusing him of antiSemitism because he spoke favorably of a wall mural depicting “a group of businessmen and bankers sitting around a Monopoly-style board and counting money”. The Guardian and the Jewish Chronicle immediately deemed the painting anti-Semitic – even though the message of the artist was one of class war, “the war the capitalist class wages every day on the weak and poor.” The elites are more than happy to keep the focus on cultivating racism so the real war, the class war, remains in the background.

By Jonathan Cook in Dissident Voice

Mural by Kalen Ockerman

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