U.S. and Israel Collusion to Wage War With Iran and Its Allies

While the U.S. military, much of the mainstream media and many US liberals are trying to defend the attack on Iran as the equivalent of killing Hitler, we know better. This is clearly a desperate attempt by Trump, the Deep State and Israel to gain hegemony in the Middle East for their access to oil and power. The U.S. and Israel have been itching for war with Iran for a long time. It is also an attempt by Trump and Netanyahu to divert attention from their own political problems at home.

“Soleimani’s assassination could also be understood as a clear message to both Russia and China as well, that the US is prepared to set the whole region on fire, if necessary, in order to maintain its strategic presence and to serve its economic interests – which mostly lie in Iraqi and Arab oil and gas.”

Read in Dissident Voice

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