Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

Read four interpretations, and here are some points to consider:

1) If we look at Sanders’ program, how does it differ from Dennis Kucinich’s? It’s the same New Deal liberalism. Is that good? Sure. Its better than market fundamentalism…but it’s not socialism.

2) Even if we have no illusions about him being a socialist, he is using the word publically and thousands of people are hearing it and getting used to it. For those of us who want something more radical, at least the word is on the table. This is an advance.

3) The statistics on the number of young people who like socialism is very encouraging.

4) The key thing is to get hold of those supports of Bernie when he folds his tent after the primary and to keep them mobilized for a longer-term movement with our own working class party.

Portside interpretations


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