Intellectual Migrant Workers: Capitalist Exploitation of Part-Time College Teachers

The stereotype of a college teacher is that they have a pretty good life: upper middle class income, steady work, three vacations a year and time to write books. None of these stereotypes are true if you are a part-time college teacher. The schedule is unpredictable, the pay is below what most workers in unions make and you have no absolutely job security. They are often referred to as “Road Scholars” because they have to drive from one job to another and sometimes live in their cars. Without unions it’s bound to get worse.
Read in the Miami Herald
Image from The Guardian

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Barbara MacLean has worked as an academic and career counselor at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB), Merritt and West Valley Colleges and as a career counselor and manager of the Oakland One Stop Career Center, a public career and jobs center in partnership with EDD. She is a co-founder and editor of Planning Beyond Capitalism.

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