Submissions Guidelines

We invite you to take a stand against capitalism and become more involved in the fight against it and in taking over our workplaces and organizing them under workers self-management.

We are reachable through our Facebook page and through Twitter.  If you wish to send us a direct message, please feel free to do so through the form below. Use this form to submit an article to us.

We are always happy to publish original articles by our comrades and readers. We ask that the articles have a fundamental relationship to capitalism and its problems, as well as alternatives to capitalism, whether socialism, communism or anarchism.

Please submit in electronic form only as an attachment. The most current version of Word is best. Length: 2 pages minimum; 5 pages maximum – with 250 words to a page that is between 500-1,250 words. It can be no more than 5. We don’t pay for web contributions, but are likely to respond to your work briefly in writing.

The writer before submission should embed any links within the article in the text. Please put “Article Submission” in the subject field of any e-mail submission.

All articles must include a brief bio line of no more than 2 sentences. Let us know if you do or don’t want your e-mail address to be posted in the bio (unless we hear otherwise, we shall include it so readers may respond directly to you).

Please include a title/headline for your submission.

If possible have subtitles, anywhere from 4 to 8 throughout the article so you are guiding the reader through the article and the reader knows where you are going.

You may send one accompanying picture or graphic, along with credit for that image. If there are citations or references to other work available on the web, please send along with URLs.

On topics, such as politics and history, among others, Wikipedia is considered a dubious source. As much as possible, it is best to use another credible source in one’s submissions. Quotations from quotation pages are also considered a dubious source. Whenever possible, please source your quotations to a primary document, manuscript, book, journal, other media, or speech. We welcome people using plain English. Many of our readers are self-educated and not academics. Formal writing is not encouraged or necessary.

Please do proofread your work before sending it in: check your grammar, spelling, look for typos, etc. The more editing we have to do, the longer it takes for us to post your work …and this will effect our consideration of your articles in the future.

Please fact-check your work. We are giving you a small, but free, audience. Please do your part. It’s your credibility, after all.

Thank you very much for considering Planning Beyond Capitalism as a venue for your work. It is very much appreciated.

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