From Twitter to X – From Social Networks to Social Media

This article by Binoy Kampmark begins by criticizing Musk for his lack of understanding that the use of the letter “X” to replace the blue bird is bad for business.

It closes with a criticism of social media in general. Kampmark writes that social media is “a seventh grader mindset based on noise, shouting, and deafening declarations. It repudiates the notion of trusted small communities, where limits and protocols of good conduct matter. The shift from social networks to social media was culturally destructive.  It set the expectation that everyone deserves – is owed, even – an audience for every notion, quip, photo, or activity.  The consequences that follow  include the stratospheric rise of the outrage culture, the prevalence of misinformation, and  the normalizing of shame.”

Read Binoy Kampmark in Dissident Voice

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