European Union At Breaking Point: Documentary on The Far Right

In some ways, it is in Europe where we can see capitalist international disintegration close up. This 47 minute documentary shows why far right movements have arisen. The EU has been a project which attempted to unite Europe into a single economy to make the flow of global capitalism smoother. The failure of this project has driven people to embrace nationalism.

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One Comment on “European Union At Breaking Point: Documentary on The Far Right”

  1. Just read your article on the pink hat marches on Counterpunch and came here. Couldn’t agree more and am sick and tired of being labelled a racist or a moron for speaking to my so-called liberal peers about how the EU is not some great progressive institution of democratic excellence. (I’m British) People who responded with deafening silence to Yemen, or Libya – and Greece (Heaven forbid you mention inconvenient Greece!), picking up placards only once the victims of these wars were being exploited by the far right as they reached the gates of Europe. People who don’t ask themselves why the far right were allowed to hijack the ‘Brexit’ debate when there were perfect good and economically rational reasons to call for the dissolution of an institution that exists purely to ensure, as you say, the smooth flow of global capitalism. I half wonder if they ‘allowed’ the Brexit vote because the globalist neolib model is literally so close to collapse in Europe that the only way to ‘save’ it in their twisted minds is to grab a scapegoat. It was Brexit! It was Trump!

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