Desperate Zionists Scramble To Discredit Israeli Boycott Movement

When Zionist zealots climb off their hobby horse of “anti-semitism” we also find they have plenty of help from Israeli elites in the US. This article not only explains the boycott movement, but it names people in key places who fund front groups of “opposition” to the boycott movement.

Read in Al Jazeera

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One Comment on “Desperate Zionists Scramble To Discredit Israeli Boycott Movement”

  1. Hopefully Trump will cut the pipeline funnelling U.S. taxes to Israel. Like the cost of Air Force One, the misappropriation of massive amounts of funding needs to be stopped.
    Israel complains when over 70 countries UNANIMOUSLY agree that they are committing war-crimes, etnic-cleansing, and crimes-against-humanity? So we’re expected to believe EVERYONE else is WRONG?
    The reason anti-semitism is perpetual is because Jews EARN it. After all, the only way to have good friends is to be a good friend. Good neighbors live in good neighborhoods.
    Zionists are no different than any other “JUST US” hate group. In fact, the actions of Zionists, Black-Panthers, Latin-Kings, and other segregationist groups leave an intellectual such as myself to reconsider my opinion of the KKK…Perhaps they ARE right. Jews and blacks seem to be the biggest threat to my country.
    The Jews seem to be over-represented at the top; passing laws that rob us in favor of banks and insurance companies.
    While the blacks seem determined to physically destroy everything we’ve built by looting, burning, and generating mayhem.
    It’s a shame that others can’t celebrate our differences. I personally love people, all people. My black, Jewish, Arab, and Russian friends see things differently, generally do things differently… we find our differences amusing.
    GREED is humanity’s biggest enemy. Why do some people want it ALL? Even more than they need… or can even SQUANDER.
    Seems like they can’t comprehend the concept of “enough”. I pity them. To be a zillionaire and still not satisfied is sad.

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