COVID-19 Western Capitalism Projections Around the World 2021

This is an extraordinary overview of the COVID-19 status around the world. The beauty of it is that it weaves the weak policies of capitalist states into the analysis. Everything is included, from the condition of hospital care to unemployment numbers to the bleak economic forecast for 2021. There is a short section at the end as to what can be done.

2 Comments on “COVID-19 Western Capitalism Projections Around the World 2021”

  1. This pandemic is a world unprecedented socio-economic disaster or worse, with Covid 19 mutating very rapidly, not knowing what exactly we are dealing with, or when it will end, for the first time in recorded history it is global, affecting every corner of the world.
    Vaccines are nothing but wishful thinking, so much death, destruction could have been greatly decreased, having a universal face mask protocol, starting with monitoring school-age youngsters, studies conclude the infected kids are up to 80% asymptomatic, becoming superspreaders of infection in their communities..

    I blame governments around the world, especially the western world for, instead of uniting to fight a common enemy, leaving differences aside, are mostly divided pointing blame at each other.
    By governments not being proactive, monitoring and enforcing the only thing that has proven effective to prevent and protect each other against the spread, are proper filtering disinfected face masks, monitoring cannot be left in the hands of civilians!!!!.

    I engineered after extensive due diligence and investigation a proactive face mask initiative and protocol months ago, was never able to get to politicians or passing the gatekeeper, the extent of this surge could have been prevented.

    The only way Covid 19 can be controlled is if the private sector of large multinational businesses that are in every corner of the world, get together and have their representatives, distributors, follow a universal protocol.

    I have lost 3 people that I knew so far, know several infected and hospitalized people, I am a long time textile CEO over 30 years MBA, and do not understand, how it is possible that greed instead of common sense are running the world.
    Every economic projection made at this moment, is merely speculation, with the chain of supply in danger, the unpredictable unemployment, social disaster and its consequences that are the only predictable truth.
    Wishful thinking and inaction, instead of taking action with a simple (common sense), inexpensive and effective protocol, will not resolve anything as we see it will get worse (exponentially), lessons have to be learned from countries that have this pandemic under control such as Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and some others. Do your own research, even India that has 4 times the population of the united states, in population percentage of the population, it is a lot lower, and even in absolute numbers, it is lower, I am sorry I am upset, but this is my view, I am not even going to try predicting the post-pandemic reality.

    I do have a sound plan to propose, that could get the world (I repeat , the world!), start mitigating damage, and start recovering).
    I hope I can get a reply
    Be safe and stay well,

    1. Thank you David for your long and thoughtful email. I agree with everything you say. Yankees are the worst from top to bottom. The capitalists here cannot even think in terms of their self-interests three months out. Almost half the population here is in complete denial of the problem and is killing themselves. Please stay safe and sane!

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