Bikeshare Workers Self-Organzing Across Cities

Sometimes when workers agitate for a union a problem can arise because the union takes over the organizational aspects of the union, and the workers don’t have a collective experience of self-organizing. What’s wonderful about these bikeshare workers is that they organized themselves before they applied to the Transport Workers Union (TWU). They are now in a much more powerful position to evaluate how well the union serves them because they know they can organize themselves, if necessary.

The second thing that’s exciting about this is that these bikeshare workers are organizing with bikeshare workers in other cities. New York City, Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago and Jersey City are now all part of the TWU. Score one for the rank and file!

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In a brand new industry, this union is starting off on the right foot. Bikeshare mechanics, drivers, and dispatchers have already gotten some practice confronting managers on the job. Photo: TWU Local 100.

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