Big Brother – Obama is Watching You: Criminalizing Encryptions

After eight years of Obama, many people still buy the stereotype that because Obama is black he must be a liberal. As this article points out, not only is he committed to spying on Americans, but he has gone further in prosecuting leaks of classified information than all previous administrations combined!

But he does have limits, such as not going after the Bush administration’s record on torture or the bankers most responsible for the crash of 2008. The right wing Republicans will be hard-pressed to find a better Republican than Obama!

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Bruce Lerro has taught for 25 years as an adjunct college professor of psychology at Golden Gate University, Dominican University and Diablo Valley College. He has applied a Vygotskian socio-historical perspective to his five books: "From Earth-Spirits to Sky-Gods: the Socio-ecological Origins of Monotheism, Individualism and Hyper-Abstract Reasoning", "Power in Eden: The Emergence of Gender Hierarchies in the Ancient World" (co-authored with Christopher Chase-Dunn), "Social Change: Globalization from the Stone Age to the Present", "Lucifer's Labyrinth: Individualism, Hyper-Abstract Thinking and the Process of Becoming Civilized", and "The Magickal Enchantment of Materialism: Why Marxists Need Neopaganism". He is also a representational artist specializing in pen-and-ink drawings. Bruce is a libertarian communist and lives in Olympia, WA.

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