Big Brother Facebook Draws Down American Iron Curtain

This article exactly parallels our experience in Planning Beyond Capitalism with the new Big Brother watchdog tools of Facebook. The author describes the difficulty of breaking into western media because of his dissenting political views. He had come to depend on Facebook to place ads for his articles that were out of the mainstream of the two-party political system. As he – and we – discovered, as of May 7th of this year Facebook is disapproving of what they call “political ads” unless you have registered as a “political group”. From our own experience, in order to do that they are asking us to provide: a) proof of US citizenship; b) proof we are living in the United States; c) residence address; d) driver’s license number, and; e) social security number. It takes up to six weeks to find out if our ad got approved. But don’t worry, they promise they will delete our information after we are checked out. Here comes the Facebook Iron Curtain.
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