Around the World Mordor is Losing: Let Us Count the Ways

“Garland Nixon and Joti Brar discuss the recent EU elections, the shocking corruption throughout the so-called “Western democracies,” their relentless push for war, and the growing wave of discontent spreading across the EU as economies begin to collapse, and how this phenomenon may soon change the political map of Europe, hopefully for the better.

Russia’s production capacity (also true for China) is now demonstrably superior to the West in quality and quantity. Western tanks, for example, are too big and complicated, break down often, and cost a fortune. The opposite is true for Russian tanks. The bottom line is that in every field—economic, political, cultural, military, scientific, financial—the US-led imperialist West is being surpassed by the Eurasian powers. The only field where it retains some degree of supremacy is infotainment, the modern hybrid of media and nonstop propaganda. But even in that field, the Western media are losing ground, as the younger generation moves away from the depraved legacy media to follow alternative voices.”

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