Yankee “Interference” in Moscow: Elections Next Year Alexi Navalny, US Puppet Candidate

You will, in the next few months, be hearing about the heroic “man of the Russian people” who is being blocked by the evil, authoritarian dictator, Putin from running in the 2018 Russian elections. The reality is that Navalny was trained at Yale (one home of CIA recruiting) and has far-right leanings. He is a co-founder of the “Democratic Alternative Movement” which is funded by the US government backed National Endowment For Democracy.  The latter organization is in the business of destabilizing governments around the world. The US press is singing Navalny’s praises – all while they are focused on Russia’s interference in our elections. Seems a little like a double standard to us. Right now this “man of the people” has virtually no popular support.

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