Yankee Domestic Terrorism: The FBI’s Greatest Hits

When the Yankee population thinks of the FBI, they think of a passive organization that investigates reports of undoing. This article challenges that stereotype by providing many examples of an active FBI creating, funding, and providing cover for FBI agents in their creation of domestic terrorism. Both the examples and the process of getting the project off the ground are covered.

One Comment on “Yankee Domestic Terrorism: The FBI’s Greatest Hits”

  1. In the 21st century entrapment and red flag attacks by agents seeking promotions have destroyed the term Law and Order in the United States. Entrapment is rampant in the federal government in the same way no one is getting a fair trial because of plea agreements and threats from insane prosecutors seeking to elevate their positions in government As an example the K.K.K. along with some of the good old boy sheriffs and police in Georgia are stopping school buses now, seeking drugs, by stopping traveling sports teams, on major highways, from different high schools and colleges. Especially singling out the Black teams and predominantly black schools from northern states. In the 19th century they the K.K.K. aligned with the corrupt sheriffs prospered on speed traps set up to scam travelers going to Florida, passing through their backwards white supremacist generally racist state.. The F.B.I and other law enforcement agencies are calling their horrible entrapment scams, and red flag counter agents and sources mere sting operations. Only they are producing the crimes themselves to get an arrest. Partisan stacking fills our government agencies, and courts up with lots of mentally defective, corrupt and dishonest government workers. Corruption, partisan dishonesty in the supreme court as well as federal courts, and partisan state courts is at epidemic levels.

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