Who We Are

How we see the world

We are convinced that capitalism, as a world economic system, is a myopic, irrational system. It is a system that is a disaster for over 90% of the world’s population and will collapse. We are also convinced that a participatory economic system based on federations of work-place democracy can, and will, replace it.

How we see human nature and the road ahead

We think we have a realistic outlook of the strengths and weaknesses of people as a whole. We are optimistic that in crisis situations like we are in now, many people can be counted on to be altruistic and heroic beyond what most of us can imagine. Social-psychological research supports this.

What we want to do is to catalyze collective creativity in building a new world. We want to do this in a systemic, methodical and imaginative way that brings and expands respect, love, joy and hope while accepting unflinchingly that those in power will do anything to keep their power. We are just as resolute in taking their power from them by any means necessary.

Our occupations and location

We have 36 combined years of experience working in the field of education. Our fields of expertise include college instruction, career and academic counseling at the university level. We lived in Oakland, the real Oakland, for over 25 years and are now living in Olympia, WA.

Our skills

We have professional skills in facilitating meetings, managing time and space, strategic planning, writing and speaking in a down-to-earth way, which avoids jargon.

What we want to leave behind

We want to break with the traditions of some of the left who really do not know how to talk to the working class; whose personal lives are chaotic and who do not think planning and being on time matter. If we cannot be the living embodiment of the world we want to create, then we have no business telling anyone that we have a vision of a future world that is worth getting on board with.

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