The Original 0.000001%: The Rockefeller Family and the Council of Foreign Relations

Some believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will.

If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

David Rockefeller – Memoirs

The Rockefeller family pretty much created the modern iteration of the 0.000001% and their progeny still wield immense hammers. For instance, almost everyone in the world — except the American public — knows that the Council on Foreign Relations is the body that actually determines American foreign policy. I once heard an ex-French intelligence agent say that this was the very first thing that they told you when you were assigned to the American Desk. The Council on Foreign Relations is — and has been since shortly after World War II — a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rockefeller Family.

Where Neo-Cons and Neoliberals drink from the same waterhole

CFR member Henry Kissinger — the right hand of Richard Nixon and possibly the most heinous war criminal of the 20th Century (and that is saying something) – is and has always been the equivalent of a capo for the Rockefeller family. When Chase needed its mining interests in Chile protected from a popular and freely elected socialist named Salvador Allende, it was Henry Kissinger who organized the military coup that overthrew Allende — but it was David Rockefeller who set up the original meeting between Kissinger and the owners of the Chilean mines. Along the way, Mr. Rockefeller’s ‘networking process’ helped him ‘befriend’ many of the most notorious and murderous dictators and despots on the planet. David Rockefeller had the personal phone numbers of and personal relationships with such luminaries as the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein among many, many others.

When Nixon left the White House in disgrace — Kissinger didn’t.

The first president that the Trilateral Commission (a Rockefeller creation) installed in the White House was Jimmy Carter — who then immediately proceeded to sweep fully one-third of the membership of the American members of the Trilateral Commission into his top cabinet positions. A lot of them also went into the State Department. In addition to all that, Jimmy Carter’s top security advisor — Zbigniew Brzezinski — had actually been a founding member of the Trilateral Commission right alongside David Rockefeller.

Later, George W. Bush was treating Mr. Kissinger like a member of his family during his time as president and Dick Cheney has since revealed that he talked to Henry Kissinger more than anyone else during his tenure as vice president. Hillary Clinton reveled in praise from Kissinger during her presidential campaign in 2016. Also in 2016 — just after being feted by Barack Obama — Kissinger met with candidate Rump so that he could relay to him what US foreign policy was going to be under his administration.

It’s more than just the oil

The Rockefeller Foundation recently announced that they are divesting from oil. That is so ironic on so many levels that I can’t do anything but shake my head. Wow. For most of the 20th Century, when one considered ‘oil’ the first thing one thought of was John D. Rockefeller.

While John D. Rockefeller was indeed the King of Oil — and while oil did indeed lubricate Mr. Rockefeller’s rise to power — even before his death oil had already become a very small part of the many and various parts of our entire world that were completely dominated by John D. Rockefeller and his ilk. Along with a small handful of other elites (Morgan, Vanderbilt, Chase, Rothschild, etc.) John D. Rockefeller built the modern Machine — and that Machine now completely dominates our government, our economy, our military, or media, our schools, our food, our energy, our thoughts, our desires, our dreams, and our asses.

Amongst a truly dizzying array of banks, think tanks, universities, corporations, and foundations that had Rockefeller thumbs thoroughly embedded into their pies, David Rockefeller was also chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan, chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, founder of the Trilateral Commission and a founding member of the Bilderberger Group.

And of course, there was also the unimaginable resources of the overlapping family ‘philanthropic’ organizations whose boards he sat on, and whose resources he could direct to benefit his own agenda: The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Rockefeller University — on and on and on. As far as the 20th Century was concerned, the Rockefeller family was the most powerful single entity on the planet for most of the period. By the 1950’s, they were at the center of the business world, the ‘conservation’ world, the environmental movement, and — of course — the political world.

Oil was never their ultimate thing; oil was merely a means to an end. Power was the thing — and by the end of the 20th Century their New World Order was firmly established. Transportation, industrial power, plastic manufacturing, pharmaceuticals; the Rockefellers have arranged reality so that there is no facet of modern life that is not — one way or another — utterly dependent upon them and upon their oil.

Banking on World Capitalism

Meanwhile, brother David was very busy over at Chase Bank. David Rockefeller said of his time at Chase, “…little by little, over a period of about thirty years we opened branches and offices in about fifty countries around the world, and we’re represented in other ways in many more than that. I quite frequently would go over to the countries which [sic] I thought we should be in and meet with the leaders of the country as well as the business leaders. And this, of course, is essentially the way that I happen to know as many people as I do around the world. And I feel that was certainly the one of the best things I did for the bank.”

Banking; Chase Manhattan’s Resocializing the Socialists

And meanwhile — David Rockefeller was injecting himself into the very heart of world geopolitics. He was literally manipulating the banking and business interests of his family in order to dominate the entire globe. When Moscow opened its doors to the first American bank since the 1920s, it was to David Rockefeller’s Chase. When Henry Kissinger convinced Beijing to do the same and allow the first American bank in China since 1949, that bank was Chase. After the United States became embroiled in the Vietnam War, David used the opportunity to open a branch of Chase in Saigon.

World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

The way things had been set up at Bretton Woods, the American president picks who will head the World Bank while the European Union picks the head of the International Monetary Fund. There have been eight appointees to the World Bank since Jimmy Carter — and six of those appointees have been members of the Trilateral Commission. The IMF has a similar record with the Bilderbergers. The World Bank and the IMF are the central economic engines of world globalization. What this means is that these people control the American government in general — and they control the economic engines of the entire world in particular.

Secret Groups

And then there are the ‘secret’ groups — groups that Rockefeller helped to found or direct, and groups that boast members from the highest reaches of business, finance, government and even royalty. Groups so secretive that their very existence was denied for decades.

The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission — and the CFR itself — are all amongst these. The Bilderberger Group came into existence in 1954. It represented the most powerful elites of Europe and North America. That was still not enough for David Rockefeller. In 1973 he formed the Trilateral Commission because he wanted Japan under his thumb as well — and the racist Bilderbergers refused to allow membership in their group to anyone from Japan. Charlie Rose

The Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission are now universally known — but this was not the case for many years and people like me who were trying to expose them during that period were dismissed as ‘conspiracy nuts’. Though the CFR was originally acting in the interests of the JP Morgan faction pre World War II, the Rockefellers started taking over the organization during the war — and by the 70’s that takeover was complete.

As for the CFR, here is an excerpt from an old audio clip back from in the day that I also found on the Corbett Report:

As you can see from this page in the CFR annual report, 284 of its members are US government officials. Any organization, which can boast that 284 of its members are US government officials, should be well known, yet most Americans have never even heard of the Council on Foreign Relations. One reason why this is so is that 171 journalists, correspondents and communications executives are also CFR members, and they don’t write about the organization.

 In fact, CFR members rarely talk about the organization in as much as it is an express condition of membership that any disclosure of what goes on at CFR meetings shall be regarded as grounds for termination of membership.

The Corbett Report

And so — as with so much else in Rockefeller World — both these business and personal interests converged at the globalist ideology that motivated the entire family throughout their various careers throughout the endless decades. In the interests of forming their ‘one world government’ (that would be dominated by the Rockefellers, of course) John D. Rockefeller III ‘donated’ the site of the UN building in New York to help assure the UN’s success and credibility.

Eugenics R Us!

To my mind, though, the very scariest aspect of the Rockefeller legacy remains largely in shadows — and that legacy consists of their highly enthusiastic and generous promotion, advocacy, and financing of the ‘Eugenics Movement’ during the first half of the 20th Century.

Eugenics Until the End of World War II

Since American history books and school classes almost completely ignore it these days, most Americans don’t even know what ‘eugenics’ means, much less possess any knowledge about the fact that the ‘Eugenics Movement’ was a Major Thing that swept the entire United States in the early 20th century. Eugenics was, in fact, literally a mania. In addition, during its heyday, this enthusiasm for eugenic philosophy was used to deprive tens of thousands of people of their most basic and fundamental human rights.

For instance — tens of thousands of American citizens were deprived of the ‘right’ to procreate. They sought to deprive many others of much more than even that. The entire philosophy of eugenics was based upon nothing more than the assertion that the poor and destitute did not deserve to pass on their genes. (Actually they referred to passing on their ‘protoplasm’ as the early pushers of this pseudoscience had not yet discovered ‘genes’.)

These people thought that the state should be able to decide who should get to live or who should die — but since they knew that would be politically impossible to actually accomplish they settled for laws that allowed the state to use forced sterilizations in literally deciding who could breed and who could not breed. This philosophy also — ipso facto — meant that the elites were elite because they were genetically superior.

That meant they had full ‘moral’ justification to control everything and everyone.

(Sounds like a repackaging of the ‘Divine Right of Kings’ to me.)

Obsessed with breeding and with family heredity, the eugenicists believed that it was not merely physical characteristics like weight or height that were determined by one’s family line, but social characteristics, like intelligence or conscientiousness or even criminality. If you are poor, it is because you come from poor stock. If you’re criminal, it’s because your family line is criminal. And if you’re a Rockefeller or a Rothschild or a royal, you are rich and successful because your family was destined for fortune and success. What a convenient philosophy for the elites to promote!

The entire field of eugenics was eventually exposed as pure pseudoscientific charlatanry — but that was a horse that they rode hard for a long time. Fueled by very generous support from America’s rich and powerful, the field of eugenics was transformed from the quaint hobbyhorse of a few mad scientists into the social cause of an entire generation. By the 1920s, everyone who was anyone was extolling the need to eradicate the ‘germ-plasm’ of the ‘lower stocks’. George Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, Alexander Graham Bell, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. were amongst the many proponents of sterilizing ‘idiots, imbeciles, and morons’.

Democracy Now did a most excellent piece on Buck vs. Bell, a Supreme Court case wherein the court ok’d a Virginia ‘forced sterilization’ law stating that a young poor black woman named Carrie Buck could be sterilized due to her being a ‘mental defective or imbecile’ — even though it was eventually proven that she was actually neither. The popularity of eugenics only waned when Adolph Hitler extended eugenics to its logical conclusion…I am thinking that these people probably would have wanted to sterilize Steven Hawking.

Democracy Now

The Rockefeller’s Repackaging Eugenics as “population control”

Here is what is even less known: After World War II, the adherents of eugenics — including, of course, John D. Rockefeller III — sought a more publicly acceptable re-branding of these ideas. As American Eugenics Society co-founder Frederick Osborne wrote: “Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics.”

The Rockefeller Gang was not about to give up on their holy quest. They would simply need to package it under a different name. And thus, JD III founded the ‘Population Council’. The Rockefeller family used many of their myriad foundations and institutions to become the central drivers of this movement — and they have been the central drivers in efforts to reduce world population ever since.

Mr. Osborne immediately thereafter moved the American Eugenics Society — lock, stock, and barrel — directly into the offices of the ‘Population Council’, becoming the president of the population council in 1957. And this now takes us full circle because one gentleman who greatly assisted in the promotion of the New Eugenic Movement was — Henry Kissinger! Yes, the Kisser himself was commissioned to do a top-secret study called ‘NSSM 200’, which was completed in 1974 but wasn’t made public until it was (finally) declassified in the 1990s. It was then learned that as a result of this study it had become official US government policy under Gerald Ford to impose population reduction on what Kissinger called ‘developing countries where they have rapid population growth’. This ‘population reduction’ was especially ‘necessary’ if the said country had resources that the West coveted.

Kissinger argued that rapid population growth would create populations that would start demanding a fair share of the pie. Kissinger ‘warned’ that these ‘developing countries’ would soon begin demanding a standard of living that would include things like adequate food, shelter, and health care. For more reading on this kind of stuff I would suggest going to a most excellent Canadian publication called Global Research News:

Global Research


From Standard Oil to Chase Manhattan, from the Council of Foreign Relations to the Trilateral Commission, from the World Bank to the Bilderberg Group the Rockefeller brothers have used the Iron Fist of 20th century capitalism, Americo-Anglo style. They have played geopolitical hardball, been instrumental in overthrowing governments abroad as well as controlling both political parties, even the supposed enemies, the Neo-Cons and the Neo-liberals domestically. The have worked through the eugenics movement for most of the 20th century to sterilize people living on the capitalist “periphery” and they have propagandized for “population control”. They also play political softball through innocent sounding Think Tanks, Foundations, and Universities to train the next generation of Rockefellers as well as spread its ideology through books, journals, and newspapers.

None of this means that the Rockefellers are all-powerful and we are all victims. We are not victims, but we are complicit in allowing their rule by our almost willful ignorance of political and economic forces that operate below the most superficial layer of things like political campaigns and debates. Whether it’s the Republican or the Democrats, capitalism, through the Rockefellers, is always in power.


Dana Walker spent 30 years exploring North America and now observes and reports on that world from Olympia, WA. He publishes a weekly email newsletter that is available by contacting him at He produces a weekly radio program that is available at . Type ‘The Thunderbolt’ into the search box then click on the show you want to listen to. You can also find links to the newsletter, the radio show, and to the show notes for the radio show on Facebook at The Thunderbolt





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