The Devil’s Bargain: Anti-Communist Business Unionism

The ability of unions to organize across nation-states has never been strong. But at least in principle, there was a spirit of internationalism and that the employers were the enemy. But after World War II, the AFL-CIO made a bargain with capitalists. The “labor-capital” contract unions agreed that:
a) workers of the world would not unite; b) workers would have no say in the production and circulation of products in the workplace, and; c) workers would abide by the policies set by the Democratic Party. In exchange workers were granted social security, pensions and a minimum wage set by law. This bargain lasted 20 years. Since then capitalists have ignored the contract and unions are weaker than ever.
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  1. Labor unions managed to organize within “nation-states” quite well in countries such as France and Italy. In addition to business unionism, or as part of it, racism has been central in keeping labor unions weak and the working class divided.

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