Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: Myths and Facts About the Great French Revolution

“The French Revolution amounted to a senseless bloodbath during which thousands of innocent people were massacred by a Parisian mob, led by Jacobin scoundrels such as Robespierre. Fortunately, a great leader eventually appeared on the scene, like a deus ex machina, to restore order at home and, via an amazing string of victories in foreign wars, bring glory to France: Napoleon Bonaparte. For that achievement, France will forever remain grateful, even though things finished badly for Napoleon on account of a setback in Russia and a heroic last stand at Waterloo.” 
Here is the paragraph in bourgeois textbooks about what the French Revolution was about. Unfortunately for the Yankee and French ruling classes this entire first paragraph is a myth. Read the real account of the revolution by Jacques R. Pauwels in The Greanville Post.

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