G7 Meeting: How The Mighty Have Fallen Into Irrelevancy Inbox

“The ridiculous G7 front figures as they  posed for their  “yearbook photo op” in 2019. Some of the faces have changed, of course, but the overall purpose of this US/UE-created malignancy remains the same.” via The Greanville Post

The meeting of the G7 used to be advertised as the gathering where the “Big Boys” play. Today all the countries but Germany do not produce real wealth. They either invest in paper that produces nothing or they invest in destroying the productive forces (the arms industry). The real relevant world meeting is the up-and-coming G20 Summit. The real purpose of the G7 meeting is to coordinate attacks on Russia’s and China’s authoritarianism. Can western capitalism be authoritarian? In Slovakia and Serbia a law forbids the formation of a communist party. In Poland there are still witch-hunts of  communists and in Spain the PP has banned communist symbols. No authoritarianism here! Pretty strange reactions from capitalists who think they “won” 30 years ago.

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