Capitalism Produces Sexual Harassment: We Need a Women’s Union

Here is such an intelligent framework in which to think about – and take action against – Harvey Weinstein and all the Hollywood moguls who sexually abuse and harass young women. Jonathan Cook proposes that capitalism produces a society in which the wealthy and powerful can exploit the not-wealthy and not-powerful. “So what is the lesson that none of them (A-List actresses in Hollywood) is drawing? Precisely the one that workers learnt more than a century ago. You must get organised.” If the famous actresses in Hollywood who are speaking out now would join together to help organize a union for women actresses, especially those who are not famous and just starting out, they could then collectively be defended against this type of harassment. Imagine if we could take this idea one step further and organize a union of all women workers that could protect them as a group from this type of problem.

Read in Dissident Voice

Image from Times of India

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